About Us

About Us

Mr.Raj (that's him on your right, there) started as a painting contractor, nearly 15 years ago, at a time when most apartment buildings in Mumbai were relatively new. On a suite turnover, all that was needed was some light maintenance and a coat of paint. And so that's what Raj Kumar Thakur did.

With time, the buildings aged and the requirements grew. When I joined the business in 1991, our clients were asking us if we could add other services besides painting to our offering.

Initially, we were asked, "could we repair plaster de-lamination?" We could. And so we added that service. Then we were asked "could we do floor and wall tile?" We could and did.

Could we maintain hardwood floors? We learned how to do that too. Then it was counter tops, cabinetry, plumbing and electrical work. In each case, we learned how to do it, then how to sequence it in with the other work so as to minimize the time needed and accelerate the process.

Mr.Raj Kumar Thakur

But that wasn't enough. When we reliased on outside manufacturers for custom counter tops, we were unable to adequately control delivery times. This made it difficult to commit to our timelines. So we made the decision to operate our own countertop manufacturing facilities, integrating them into our process flow, the better to control timing and prioritization. We experienced the same problem with cabinetry, and solved it the same way. Eventually, we brought almost all custom items in house. Now virtually nothing custom needs to be outsourced.

Over time, by a process of paying close attention to client issues and assisting them with solutions, The buyng Group grew to be the largest integrated interior finishing and renovation general contractor in Ontario, supporting the increasing requirements of more complex living spaces and buildings in Southern Ontario. In a very real sense, we grew up with those buildings. Today we serve the clients in all corner of Indian territory.